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Good Morning!!

Steve and I walked down to the junction this morning for coffee and a goodie.  I am struck with the contrast of how it was this winter.  I don't need to lean on his arm.  I easily make it both ways on my own.  I have hair, and, even need a haircut.   I'm wearing sandals, and the grit of sand under my toes is much less, since I have been walking on true sand.  I think that stimulation woke something up.  I feel it from my head to my toes.  I feel calm and peaceful.

The book, Three Cups of Tea, is still with me.   I recommend it, and a donation to the work of Greg Mortenson.   We can counteract Bush and his desire to imprison, control,  and destroy.

The NY Times has quite a diatribe against Joseph Lieberman today.  It is a statement for accountability.

I am now going to address the subject of food from very different angles.   The Pacific Sun has an article on the book Hungry Planet: What the World Eats.  What is shocking is the prevalence of  "cheap, processed fast food" in poor nations. 

Brooke Jackson in the Pacific Sun comments:

    "D'Aluisio recounts in the book how she watched a malnourished boy in a very remote part of New Guinea down a flavor packet from a package of instant ramen noodles while his brother ate the dried noodles themselves.  The normal diet for the people of that village is a starchy bread made from the sago palm, occasionally supplemented by the grubs that live in the palm trees and fish from a nearby river.  How did instant ramen noodles make it to this remote corner of the globe?  The tentacles of globalization have the power to reach the most far-flung villages in the world."

    The book shows families from around the world gathered in front of the food they eat in a week.   Brooke says:

    "Many, many families from a variety of countries have six to 10 huge bottles of Coke as part of their weekly provisions.  This is true in both industrialized and emerging nations."

    "These pictures contrast sharply with some of the photos from countries in Africa.  Families of 15 survive on a little dried fish, sacks of corn, millet and rice and a small amount of milk.  The only processed food is a type of bouillon cube.  The members of the family dwarf the food products."

    It is interesting to consider how the food I eat in a week would stack up against the size of me.   Hmmmm!    Certainly, the amount of packaging used in what I consume is obscene.   I am shocked each week at the amount of recycling that fills my bin.  We are so proud of ourselves for recycling, but our grandparents' generation probably had very little to recycle.  All was used.  

    There is an essay in the book by Francine R. Kaufman on the subject of  "Diabesity," the coorelation between diabetes, obesity, and soda consumption. 

    The book sounds like an important one for each of us to peruse, and ingest. 

    It feels like odd timing to now suggest a book written by a friend of my brother's family.  The book is called Chocolate Therapy and is by Kathy Farrell-Kingsley.  It shows there is a place for chocolate in our lives, or, at least, it offers a rationalization for the chocoholics of the world.   If you like chocolate, the recipes sound fantastic, and might be just the thing to lift you over the late-afternoon hump, so you can read more books on food and other subjects.

    A beautiful ease-filled Sunday to YOU!!   Lovely clouds are stirring the sky of my day.   


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