Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

bouncing in and out - and up and down -

Jane and I worked today with February 10th.  It was a jubilant day.   I was in my "good" week of the chemo treatment.   It is odd to realize that even in the midst of the chemo, or maybe because of it, there were such jubilant moments.  I was bouncing up and down.

I am realizing now that I sometimes use my extra energy for worry, expectation, or judgment.  I did not have that luxury or indulgence while I was in chemo.  Now, I must consciously catch myself, and, be with this full moment, and the next.   I know my schedule and can show up for it.  Worrying about it,  or setting up a scenario is probably unnecessary now.  I am trying to be, in this moment, with no mind, no mynd, just the elegance of living peace.

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