Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Insanity -

Well, what to say.   After a wonderful working time and lunch with Jane and Jim on the upward perch of their yard, Chris and I went to the Berkeley humane society.  Tiger and Bella have joined our household.  They were born on June 12th, and have now demolished our house.  We were told they would be most comfortable in the smallest room of our home.  Well, once let out of their cage, they have now explored every level of the whole of our house.  Everything glass has been moved;  plants are hidden and trimmed;  lamps are tucked away;  pillows are awry, and all afghans and my beloved quilt will soon be put away for a time.  Bella and Tiger hop, swirl, and run.  Energy is twirling in our house.  We are encircled by whirlwinds.  We are hoping they are just happy for some freedom, and will soon settle a slight bit more than they have.  When finally one settles to rest, the other sets them both back into motion.  They are quite the siblings.  The sign said they shouldn't be separated.  We thought they would comfort each other in calm.   Instead they are explorers of old.  America would have been "discovered" years earlier if they had been in charge.  Every speck of our house is exposed.   Each has pooped in a quite smelly way in their new kitty box.  Their new kitty condo is well explored.  All toys have bounced all over the floor, and the house looks like Katrina hit here.  It seems we have chosen to leave serenity, and enter a livelier realm.   The search for kittens is off.   Bella and Tiger have moved in, and, hopefully, they will leave a small space for Steve and me.   I see that we won't have a chance with grandchildren.  We are wimps, and our two young friends now rule.

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