Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

My new friends -

I come into this room and close the door, figuring Bella and Tiger have enough toys and entertainment in the front of the house, but, no, I hear their little squeaking voices.  They are right outside.  I let them in.  Now, they climb onto the table, chairs - whoops, up my bare legs - I see that life is not going to be the same.  I am wondering if they will go to sleep.  They are kittens, after all, and they have had a full day.  They were in a small cage.  Now, they have run back and forth all over the house, and up and down each surface multiple times.    They have consumed a can and a half of food, and each pooped twice, and I don't think I arrived home until almost six.  It has been an exciting almost four hours.  Bella is on Mandu's chair.  Books are toppling, crashing to the floor.   I see I will have to work fast to get anything done.0000  - these four O's are Bella's contribution to the blog.  

May you sleep well.  I thought two kittens would put each other to sleep, but, instead, they wake each other up.  Hmmmm!   What now to do?   Sleep tight, All!  

I am going to begin singing lullabies to my small, big-eyed friends.  Night!  Night!!   Uh Oh!   All is quiet.  What are they up to now?   I see them snooping about.   There is not one unexplored spot in this house.  Now, they are looking up at me.  I think they want me to go to bed, so I will, and I'll hope we all sleep tight.   Whoops!    There went another afghan onto the floor!   Ah!   Breathe!!

I see nature in action and it is good.  They asked us to keep these cats inside, in a small room.  I see they need the whole house, and soon they will need the outdoors.  We are all meant to explore.  

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