Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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on kittens -

When you adopt a cat today, they request that you keep it indoors, so it doesn't get fleas, stolen, or hurt.  I contemplate that, as all of our animals have enjoyed the ideal life of being both in and out, at their choice.  We had assumed it would be the same for dear Tiger and Bella.  Today, with both Steve and I present, we decided to take them out on the deck.  I think they had never been outdoors, outside of their box.  They were unsure.  They were disturbed when the wind blew their hair.  They cautiously investigated the wood of the deck, and considered the shadows.

I wonder about life never lived outside.  Cats are descendents of mighty beings.  Can they really be healthy and thrive inside without ever going outdoors?  I find it disconcerting, and a sign of what we do to ourselves.  Soon, we, too, will have our locater chip and the safety of indoors.  Angeles Arrien, as part of her year-long training, requests each person spend an hour a day outdoors.  At first, it sounds absurd.  Who wouldn't be outdoors an hour a day, but if your life is home to car to work and back again, you may not.  I watch Bella and Tiger as they play with tiny, toy mice.  They stretch themselves every which way.  Could they really survive without going outside, with just looking out the window?  It is odd for me to contemplate.  Can I do to them what I wouldn't do to myself?   I think I will slowly let them out, onto the deck, and then, into the front garden.  Perhaps, they won't have the freedom of Mandu, who had quite a territory, and yes, I did occasionally take him to the vet for an abscess from a fight, but he was a true cat, mighty in offense and defense.  We have already neutered Bella and Tiger, and,  rightly so, but shouldn't they enjoy breeze, sun, and shadow?  I think so.  I do.   They will.  I introduce them today, and that will continue.  I want them to live with risk, since risk arrives, no matter what you do.  

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