Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Checking in -

I woke this morning from a dream where people were exhilarated because they no longer had to go outside.  I wondered where this shift occurred.  I remember studying 19th century feminist literature with a look at inside and outside.  It was a huge step when woman stepped outside the home.   Now, we seem, as a society, to have possibly created a wider "Inside" in which to enclose.  Steve worked last night on two 50 story buildings in Macau,  residential buildings, with a separate elevator for the "servants," so we are not talking ghetto here.

I guess I so need the outside that I cannot imagine celebrating enclosure, and, I know it was a dream, but it came from being told to keep my new kittens inside.   Yes, I love my cozy spaces, my special trees and such, but I choose them from a wide array of inside and outside.  Am I truly so privileged that I have that choice?   It seems everyone of my generation is celebrating the freedom we had as children.  We wish children today had the same privileges of roaming that we did.    I read yesterday that a woman was attacked during the day in Golden Gate Park.  I try not to let that influence the activities of my day, and I know that nature, and society, require us to be aware. 

Anyway, that is with me today, as I talk to Jane who is again at the Search Engines Conference.  The focus is not "the word," as it was six months ago, but now, it is the blogger, specifically the one who blogs and connects through a medical condition.   So, not only is my hair "chic," but it seems I am part of something huge.  I find it funny.  I love the world.  I am delighted as can be.   Happy exploring today, both inside and out!

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