Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

the new De Young!

   I returned to the new De Young today.  I used the parking garage so emerged at a more human level.   I was early,  and walked around in the fog and gray.  I still thought the tower oppressive, and hovering like the Death Star.   It seemed like a tornado gone awry.   

    My opinion lightened, later in the day,  with the arrival of the sun.  I could then see the changing colors, shadings, and shadows.  Joyce and I headed up the tower first thing, and saw the view with only a few other people.  I enjoyed that.  The Quilts of Gee's Bend, Alabama are magnificent, as are the women who created them.  We enjoyed the video, celebrating these women whose lives consist and consisted of hard work, spirituality, singing, and quilting.  It is an example of using everything and throwing nothing away.   One woman, after her husband's death,  made a quilt of his clothes, so the family could cuddle under the warmth of his love.

     We savored lunch outside, and toured the outdoor sculpture garden and The Three Gems.  The sky was perfectly blue in the hole, and the grasses are growing up on the hill outside.   The entry through bamboo strokes the meditative heart.  

    The landcaping is even more magnificent as it fills in.   We sat in the Garden of Enchantment, where children love to hop upon the benches and sit up high.

                These are my poems from the Garden of Enchantment, where size is irrelevant, and circles connect.  

           Quilts of Gee's Bend, Alabama

        Pockets unfold unfaded,
        dark paths of blue holding light
        that once lined the space for something to carry
        or hold,
        now bold in defining the patterns and fadings of old clothes,
        transposed, through the strong fingers of the heart,  as Art.

             Golden Gate Park

       City oasis,
            We come here - listen to the cars -
                   In - Out -
                            Thresholds bark,
                                  like sea lions
                                     on the rocks.  

         I return to the kittens,
             the best art of all;  they run to me,
                and welcome me home;   they stroke my heart.


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