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Heart Happy

Sunday morning -

It is cold and foggy and there is no complaining around here.  The kitties are bouncing, and are happy with their indoor world.  Today, at 6:00, we will have had them in the house one week.  I read the paper with Tiger on my lap, then, come to the computer, and find on-line what I missed as I read the paper version of the paper.  I am so trained to on-line reading, now, that I seem to grasp better from the screen. 

There is a web-site reviewed today that I checked out and signed up to receive their daily "green" tip.   Check out: 


Also, there is an important article in the SF Chronicle today on soy.  It is by by James Nestor.  I am supposed to limit my intake of soy because of the estrogen problem, so I am surprised to read that it is in cereal, bread, pasta, chips, cheese, condiments, yogurt, sausages, ice cream and M&M's.

It wasn't until the Chinese learned to ferment soybeans around 500 B.C. that it was considered suitable for human consumption.

"For American industry, the age-old Asian method of using the whole soybean and fermenting it to remove the toxins took too long and the end product was often dull and tasteless.  To speedily process soy "waste" into soy protein products, U.S. soy producers washed beans with alkaline, heated and pressure-cooked them, combatting their naturally bitter taste with sugar and infusing them with additives to prevent spoiling.  This process greatly improved flavor but removed many of the beneficial nutrients."   Kaayla Daniel, author of "The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of American's Favorite Health Food," says it also left in and introduced many harmful toxins. 

One thing this article brought out that I was unaware of is that soy may harm the thyroid.  The article concludes that, as we know, moderation is key, but, as I say, I am surprised to realize how much soy I may be taking in without realizing it, and, for me, soy is a no-no.

Steve Rubenstein, who has been doing a benefit bicycle ride across the country arrived in Washington D.C., his trip complete.  He says he discovered that the perfect food is the banana, and, that plain water is super great.    Perhaps, it is time to get back to our roots, way back, to monkey roots.  Happy banana consuming today, and drinking, if you can find them,  from unpolluted streams. 

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