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Cellular Wisdom -

In the magazine, Science of Mind, Joan King is interviewed by Linda Potter on her book Cellular Wisdom: Decoding the Body's Secret Language.

Joan King writes in Cellular Wisdom:

    "Take, for example, the principle that information flows from the interior of a cell to its outer reaches.  The same pattern is repeated in the way instructions pass from the interior of a population of cells to cells on the periphery.  Moreover, the principle underlying this pattern - that guidance originates from the center - can be seen everywhere in the body."

I place some excerpts from the interview here. 

    "Underneath, deeper than the energy of the molecules or the subatomic particles, is an energy field.  That energy field, which is the life force, comes into every cell."

She suggests setting up an energy pattern of expansive perspective. 

We wire the brain with our activities.  We can choose the patterns we create.   Viktor Frankl came out of Nazi concentration camps and looked for the meaning.  He took his fear and transcended it.    

Sometimes we have to let a pattern dissolve before we find the meaning and value in it. 

The power we have, as Eckhart Tolle, says is in the NOW.    Sculpt soul, with choice, moment by moment.  

The body honors the rhythem of on-off.   We, like our bodies, need the balance of silence.  Connect, there, in silence, with cellular wisdom.

Have fun, with that.   : )

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