Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Eden -

I take Tiger and Bella out on the deck for about 20 minutes so they get some sunshine vitamin D and a chance to further explore.  It is like watching the beginning of the discovery of creation.  They note every touch of the wind,  each flight of a bee, each note of the birds, without any seeming knowledge of what it all might be.  Their attention span is short, and yet, they pause to rest, and peruse, and then, a nail pulled up from a board catches their eye, and they, explore every possibility of that, and then, back to rest.  They are so soft, warm, and fluffy, when I pick them up to center them back in the middle of the deck.  They sniff the plants, and move away.  They are probably okay for a few minutes on their own, but, instead, I watch them the whole time.  I feel myself caught up in my childhood exploration, drawn back, like a crayon, along the page of time.  

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