Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

tenuousness -

One of the kitties has now had his third accident in the chair.  I plopped right into it tonight, so hopped into the shower, and while there, I think Jane's use of the word,  tenuousness, was with me.  I found myself remembering how it felt when I stood in the shower and my hair fell out in clumps in my hands.   Life, perhaps, did feel as tenuous as that falling hair.  I tug on my hair now.  It feels secure, and, yet, is it.  Is life?   The joy is in the fragility, of course, the course of the flow. 

I look on-line at dresses to wear to Jeff and Jan's wedding.  The springs colors are pinks, blues, whites, and ivories.  The winter ones are blacks, browns, and charcoal.  I hope I am not too late for brightness.   I want the birds to dance and frolic along the length of my trail.  


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