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I read the newspaper today.

In Open Forum, I learn that California spends $33,581 on each prisoner each year, compared with $6,919 per year for each student from K-12.

Jeanie Kortum writes a heart-breaking article on a program to help homeless children. She uses the waves in the Marin Headlands to help these children heal. I quote from her article in case you missed it, or just to re-inforce what is staying with me, if you did read it.

    "Something about the headlands helps these kids to open up and dream a little.  I think it's the ocean, the horizon.  Horizons provide an edge to live next to.  By defining an outside, a horizon gives an inside place to rest, a home."

    "Many of these children have never seen a horizon before, for they never leave the radius of five urban blocks.  "What's that shiny blue stuff?" a little girl once asked me, pointing toward the ocean.  Something magic and deeply primitive happens inside a homeless child standing in the ocean, gazing toward the horizon.  I've seen it over and over again.  With deep instincts, the kids register the fact that the ocean is a force they can lean against, find themselves in relationship to, the way cavemen painted animals to possess them.  They know that the ocean should be celebrated and respected."

    She quotes some of the children. 

    "You're me!" Jason, age 8, screamed to the ocean.

    "It moves!" Daniela, age 6.

    "Today I found my freedom."  Ben, age 12

    "Every time I try to move, it just pulls me back."  Alice, age 9. 

    "The ocean is like a head with nothing in it."  Robert, age 8.

    "I can breathe easier here,"  Juan, age 7.

    "This is so soft, I will I could feel it all day long."  Chloe, age 8.

The article continues on page 19.   Above the continuation is a restaurant review by Michael Bauer.

"The tart looked photo-shoot perfect, but the puff pastry crust wasn't as crisp or delicate as we expected.  My friend, so anticipating the mousse, was left wanting because it was stiff and a tad bitter."

Life is certainly rough for some of us in the Bay area.   I am trying to absorb without judgment, of myself or others.  After all, I might one day eat in the restaurant with the disappointing tart.  How do I hold it all today?  I think my support, like the children, is the horizon, the moon, the sun, the clouds, all held in the softness of the ocean and the warmth of my eyes breathing in the sky.  

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