Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

The synchronicity of acrobatics -

I decided I need to do something about my fears around moving since all this happened, so, in noting that a Pilates-Feldenkrais studio had opened up less than a mile from me, I stopped in yesterday, and asked for a session.  I went in this morning, and I am amazed.  It is like moving like my kitties.  All was ease.  I am a ball, an acrobat.    I told her that it is painful for me to lift my arm.  She had me lean into some springs as though I were falling.  It is the same movement as lifting my arm, and there was no pain.  The idea is to move through space, and utilize it, just like my kitties.  As if that weren't enough joy for one day, I mentioned I am a Rosen practitioner.  She said that yesterday she had decided they needed a Rosen practitioner for the treatment space.   It is all new, and still in organizing mode, but, it seems, if I would like to begin working that way again, I have my space, and what could be easier to reach than the junction.  I am thrilled, and she was amazed that her thought could be so easily fulfilled. 

I then went to Pet World, and the kitties have another scratching apparatus, and I have some mats to catch the kitty litter, and I purchased a recommended kitty litter that clumps, and is for multiple cats, and an enclosed litter box is on its way.  I see that we got the kitties, unprepared, but, now, we are making the steps for them to fit more easily in.  I watered outside yesterday on the deck, and both Bella and Tiger did fine, and I see they are not going to fall through the slats, so I can relax a bit on that door, and give them a little more space, and a chance for some sunlight, when the sun is out.

Anyway, I feel more anchored in space.  I was shocked to feel how my body changed through this year of fear.  I am braced to one side to protect, and ironically, have been using my left side, as the right one was rigidly fixed, like armor, to fend off the next attack.  I am looking forward to the balance Pilates will bring.

My brother checked out freighters after my comment on freighters this morning  It seems traveling on freighters is a good way to go.  A friend of Chris's did it a few years ago, and loved it, so, who knows?  Possibly booms  - Freighters Ho!

Here is to energy moving, scampering, bouncing and playing in new and exciting ways.  Here is to all the ways to be in space, and round, bend, push, release,  and bound.  

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