Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


Good Morning!

"Ask, and ye shall receive." This is happening to me over and over again. Each time I ask, I receive.

I woke this morning remembering sitting in a sharing circle of Eyes of the Beholder. It seemed that each person in the circle was saying how much they give. I remember being struck as though with a meteorite by the thought that this group couldn't be that unusual. Who was receiving all this giving? Was it being received, or falling into a black hole, to be absorbed and squashed, sad at being unused? That is when I realized that it might be easier to give, and more challenging to receive.

I think, in our society, we have been taught to give, because, "Children are starving in China," but less taught to receive. "Maybe, you, too had a hard day, even though you have enough to eat."

Maybe the guilt we build up about we could or might do is the biggest barrier and pain of all. Giving and receiving are a cycle of circulation, like water which rises and falls over and over again.

Steve says how great I look every time he looks at me. I look in the mirror and see the head of a newborn rat. I look and think, "What is he seeing?" I know he has good eyesight. What is up? What is different about me? I realize I am happy. I am really happy right now. I am happily receiving. I am like a little chipmunk with a room full of nuts. I am showered with love and gifts. No wonder I look pretty. I am content. All I have to do is receive, and I do.

There are no "shoulds" for me right now. There is no guilt. Each moment I am doing as much as I can do. I realize I am often fully here for my moments. I sit, and absorb. I ask, and I receive. I have nothing to do, but feel my needs. "I am hungry for this." "I am tired. "I need a nap." My inner dialogue is pretty simple. I am kind to myself. "Oh, you need this." "Here is some milk." "Here is a blanket and a pillow." My life is simple. My needs are fulfilled. I have absolutely all I need.

When we lived in Florida 45 years ago, there was a place called the Putnam Pantry. I have never forgotten it, and probably never will. When you went there, you got in line, and were given a tulip vase with three scoops of your choice of ice cream. That vase sat on a gold tray. You carried that tray along a row of toppings, chocolate, butterscotch, raspberry, pineapple, marshmallow, whipped cream, cherries, nuts. It was amazing. Everyone would top their ice cream, and, top some more, and soon, everything was dripping and oozing all over the tray, and that was okay. Yum!!

I suggest today that you receive just like that, receive until your cup is full, and gifts are oozing all over your tray. Melt like ice cream in the warmth of the spread of hot fudge. Be a treat today!

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