Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

The world is nuts!

This morning, Jane and I were using our writing time to work  with when I wrote of having no eyelashes, and how clearly I was able to see without their flickering beam.  

Now, I read in the NY Times that eyebrows are "in" to match the new, clunky fashions of fall.  Eyebrows plucked too thin?  There is this option.

    "For those with very sparse brows, some salons offer eyebrow extensions. At LuxLash on Newbury Street in Boston, for example, Suzanne Cats, the owner, thickens brows by gluing a tiny fiber onto each existing hair. The process, which costs $75 to $250, can take 45 minutes to two hours and the false eyebrow effect lasts two weeks, she said. She also offers brow prosthetics — hairpieces for the eyebrows — in 20 different shapes and shades."

How can we talk now about Nero fiddling while Rome burned? I hate to be judgemental, but this has to be the straw.  Are we really going to allow the fashion industry to dictate our eyebrows?   It sounds like this fall's fashions are nothing to get excited about, so peek into your closet,  pull out what you wore last year, and be content with the caterpillars that augment your eyes to butterfly.   Be all stages now!

Now, I feel guilty.  According to Wikipedia and other sources, Nero did not fiddle while Rome burned.  The fiddle wasn't even invented at that time.  Instead, and this is from Wikipedia today. 

    Nero was away at Antium when the fire started and did not return until the fire had begun to threaten his palace. He began a rather large relief measure; he housed citizens in the remaining public buildings and his own gardens, built temporary shelters, imported food and water, and lowered the price of food. However, by this time rumours were already beginning that he started the fire himself.

    Nero was an unpopular emperor – he was said to be violent, often out of control, and reputedly enjoyed singing, and did so, quite to the dismay of his guests. A rumour spread that had him singing of the burning of Troy as Rome was on fire. The facts of this myth are inconsistent: Tacitus had reported that the rumour was started during the Great Fire itself and that Nero was accordingly singing in his private theatre, despite being in Antium at the time. Suetonius says he was watching from the Tower of Maecenas, and another source puts it at the roof of his palace. Still, these rumours quickly worked against Nero, and, along with other facts, made a wide margin of his citizens come to believe that the fire was ordered by him for political intent or mere amusement.

    Similarly, many associate the Great Fire with the image of Nero merrily playing his fiddle as Rome burns, obviously inspired out of the ancient anecdote that Nero 'fiddled while Rome burned'. In truth, this is an idiom. The musical instrument was invented many centuries later; to fiddle at that time merely meant to squander needlessly away the time in vain, as is still a popular use of the word today.

    To ease suspicions against him, Nero gave banquets for his people and made tributes to the gods, but eventually opted to use Christians as a scapegoat when other measures did not work. There is no hard evidence of who or what actually caused the Great Fire of Rome, although fires were very common in Rome at the time. Rome was rebuilt after the fire and Nero played a large role in the reconstruction, including establishing fire codes for the first time in Rome; it was then that the building of his famous Domus Aurea palace began.


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