Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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Language -

Ellen Melloy in The Landscape of Turquoise has this to say.

    "In an essay about language Earl Shorris describes the world's many dying tongues, most of them the tongues of indigenous peoples.  Although the estimated 6 million descendents of the ancient Maya speak twenty-five languages, a number of them are destined to disappear with the deaths of the last speakers.  The Maya have at least nine words for blue, all with certain attributes, most without translation.  The absence of those words, Shorris says, is far deeper than silence.  "It is not merely a writer's conceit to think that the human world is made of words and to remember that no two words in all the world's languages are alike," he writes.  "Of all the arts and sciences made by man, none equals a language, for only a language in its living entirety can describe a unique and irreplaceable world."


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