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Mindfulness -

I notice the Naked Ladies are out, those lovely pink bulbs rising without leaves.   They seem to be proliferating all around me.

Thich Nhat Hanh speaks of Walking Meditation.

    "Next time you practice walking meditation, please try visualizing a lotus flower opening as your feet touch the ground, like a newborn Buddha."

     He says,  "All beings, from the near to the far, large and small - from the moon and the stars to the leaves and the caterpillars - will become peaceful as you take your steps."

How empowering to consider that our peaceful steps bring peace.

Thich Nhat Hanh says:

    We are so busy; we don't want to do so many things.  We want to know just one thing that we do to get closer to the happiness we seek every day.  I think that moving around with mindfulness, walking mindfully, may be what we propose as a gift, because we move a lot during our daily life.  If you want to go from here to there, even if you need only to make five or six steps, and if you know how to make those steps mindfully, that can already be helpful.  You walk to the garage, enjoy every step you make.  Don't think of anything else, just enjoy walking.  You walk to the office, to your workplace or to the dining hall:  Every step you make should bring you back to the here and the now so that you can enjoy what is going on.  I think if all people on Earth were to know how to enjoy walking mindfully, that would transform the Earth and society already; because everyone would have the secrets of becoming more mindful, everyone would know how to enjoy each step they make.

To follow the recommendations of Thich Nhat Hanh, walk slowly and notice how many steps you take with each breath.  Count both steps and breaths while maintaining a "half smile" to foster an attitude of calmness and delight.  "After a few hours of serious practice, you will find that the four of them - the breath, the counting, the steps and the half-smile - blend together in a marvelous balance of mindfulness."

His poem:

    Breathing in, I calm my body.
    Breathing out, I smile.
    Dwelling in the present moment
    I know this is a wonderful moment.


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