Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Narwhals -

There is an amazing article on narwhals by William Broad in the New York Times today. Check it out!

Narwahl tusks, which can be up to nine feet long, and were sold as unicorn horns in the past have been discovered to be amazing sensory organs. They have ten million nerve endings "tunneling from the tusk's core toward its outer surface, communicating with the outside world." What is really amazing is that these nerve endings are sensitive to the cold as we know when our gums recede. Dr. Nweeia says, "Of all the places you'd think you'd want to do the most to insulate yourself from that outside environment this guy has gone out of his way to open himself up to it."

Wow!! Now, that is inspiring. Be like a narwhal today, sensitive and open to your environment. Taste this precious world in your core.

Since today has already been declared "Imagine Day," imagine a sensitive tusk, nine feet long, probing and checking out the weather and activities of the day. Reach!

Be a unicorn, a narwhal, a pirate, a fairy, whatever you want, today.

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