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Feeling better -

I rested all day yesterday and feel much better today.  I think all my tracks were over-loaded, and this with Jan's parents is very unsettling for me.  I think it literally allows me at times to feel sick to my stomach.  They continue to insult Jeff, Steve, and me, and try to prevent the wedding.  I can know they are "crazy" as the therapist says, and I still struggle to distance myself from it.  I suppose we all want to be liked, and we all want serenity and peace, especially at a wedding.  Of course,  we don't know if they are coming.  They won't say.  No rules apply to them, only the creation of pain.   This is my very biased interpretation, of course.   It is not that we don't know there is still prejudice, but I do feel that the only way to change that is to have the world so inter-married that it becomes a non-issue at some point.  

I do see it as an excellent lesson for me, as none of this has anything to do with me, so it is up to me to minimize the impact.  I struggle heartily with that.

Anyway, the good news is that I am published in the SF Chronicle today in Letters to the Editor.  That always feels kind of fun to me.   Here is my Letter.

Editor -- People in Marin County buy land with public-access rights and then want to close off those properties. In contrast, Travel Editor John Flinn writes of public-access rights in Britain where even the prime minister's country home has a footpath ambling by and crossing a driveway "beneath a row of beech trees planted by Winston Churchill." We fought against an English king. Now, the people of Britain stroll their land, while ours is more and more bound up by wannabe kings and queens.


Mill Valley


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