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Heartbeat -

This morning I notice the difference in my breathing, pulse, heartbeat, and expansiveness between reading Jane Hirshfield, and the NY Times.  What a difference there is!  I was careful with the ingestion of news when I was in treatment.  I think I have been reading more than I need.  I feel what it does to me to read the bombardment of negativity that is the news.  I know I need to be involved and aware of what is going on, and I see there is a balance I need to find to stay well. 

I offer this poem of Jane Hirshfield.

Late Prayer

Tenderness does not choose its own uses.
It goes out to everything equally,
circling rabbit and hawk.
Look:  in the iron bucket,
a single nail, a single ruby -
all the heavens and hells.
They rattle in the heart and make one sound.


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