Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

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Mary Rose O'Reilley writes:   "This morning on the radio, I heard that a threatened leaf knows how to call up a scent that will draw a wasp to attack its preying caterpillar."

I am still with why it feels harder for me to say someone is mentally ill than physically ill.   There is so much we don't understand.   Is that what we touch here, our own fear of our own instability?   Do we fear our unused powers and where they might lead?   What does it mean that the leaf and the wasp communicate through scent?   What more can I do today than I realize?  I know that each time I ask, an amazing support comes in for me.   Perhaps, I can come to trust the lift of the wave, and the emerging trough, the continuing support, of the land and the sea.  

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