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Today, I consider  the hunters, and gatherers, and then,  I live an imaginary switch to agriculture and the domestication of animals.   How did that feel?

There were communities, and then, individual farms, and yet, there  was  always community.  Now, there are corporate conglomerates, and much of what we consume has no relationship to where we live, or real food.    And yet, there is a shift.  It may have begun with Alice Waters and Chez Panisse.   We have come  to value a carrot, a radish, a plum.     We meet David Masumoto, who describes his family farm and love of growing peaches in Four Seasons in Five Senses, Things Worth Savoring.  

Today, I shop carefully, and still buy the treat of chocolate ice cream from Strauss Farms.  Perhaps, it is the awareness that is stroking my heart today.  We need to eat, and we have such choice, that perhaps we forget the taste of a peach.  I have two here, waiting to be comsumed with a reverent hum.

There is an article on those cute, round, cellophaned organic carrots in The Nation by Felicia Mello called "For Farmworkers, It's Not Easy Being Organic." 

It describes the life of the farmworker and the carrot.  The life of the farmworker is grueling, and they can't afford organic foods, but truly, any life must be frightened out of the little orange carotened guys by the time they arrive so perfectly sanitized in our grocery store.  I find myself thinking the only way is to grow my own food, and then, I think of what else I might be doing, and I see how now farmers can come together for the whole.  We each have our part. 

Eat well today!   Live well!   Live happily aware!


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