Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Evening -

The half-moon rests,  pillowed  in front of me, a light in the sky.  

Quilt-making Jan has written to me to defend Cesar Millan.  She has well-behaved and well-loved dogs, so knows of what she speaks.  I enjoyed his books, and thought he made good points, so wasn't necessarily saying I agreed with those who oppose him, though I did find the different viewpoints interesting.  Since I don't have a dog, I am not too up on training methods, but I do see that there is a rise in dogs who are out of control, and it seems it is time to recognize that the owner does need to have control over their dog.

Watching Tiger and Bella play, I see their natural animal instincts.  They do need discipline, if we are to share a home, and we have been working with it, and it is going well.  I figure that if they are well-behaved, they will be better liked, and therefore, happier, and it is a win-win for us all.  I used the same thought process in raising Jeff and Chris, and I believe it is what my parents did with me.  Anyway,  I think the point is to have awareness of being the one in control of  your pet.

Today, I took a morning walk.  I delighted in seeing many parents, especially fathers, walking their children to school.  It is lovely to see the neighborhood in motion. 

Of course, now, everyone has three days free.   May traffic flow easily, despite or maybe because of the closure of one level of the Bay Bridge.  

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