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  This evening, I am enjoying a book that Jane loaned me.   Her neighbor, Terry Lorant,  took  the photographs for Reconstructing Aphrodite.

    21 women who have had reconstructive breast surgery model topless.   It is an inspiring book.   These are women who lost their breasts, and chose to have them reconstructed by Dr. Loren Eskenazi.  Often, the breast material is taken from the stomach, so you get a tummy tuck, too, but that is not what this is about.   This is about the human spirit and true beauty in all its forms. 

    Each woman is interviewed.  

    Georgia Ann says of her choice to have reconstructive surgery, "How could I be concerned about something so superficial while facing cancer?  Princess Diana said, "The worst disease in the world is the lack of love."   Mother Theresa said, "The worst disease in the world is to be nothing to nobody."   She continues, "I live in the abundant love of God amid friends and family who express God's loving kindness.  We are surrounded by survivors of all life's troubles and grief, surrounded by hope, peace, and joy.  I saw the choice of reconstruction as only one of the endless ways to create beauty in my world.  It was my surgeon's sense of art and beauty and her respect for the female form that gave me the confidence to pursue this path."

    Leslie says, "I've studied the philosophy of attitudinal healing, which basically teaches that the essence of our being is love and that giving and receiving are the same.  That's what cancer gave me - a perspective I might never have otherwise acquired."

    Jane and I were working today on themes for our book.   Perhaps, gratitude is the biggest.    Take care!    Give care!    Live!

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