Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Non-Labor Day!

I perused the September Shambhala Sun while Bella perched on the couch above my right shoulder, and Tiger curled up against my left leg.  They both purred, serenading me in stereo. 

32 years ago, on Labor Day, I was hoping Jeff would be born.   We played games and cards to pass the time with my mother and Steve's.  Now, Jeff will be 32 tomorrow, and married within the week.  

This Shambhala Sun is on politics, since Buddhism is about embracing everything that is going on, without judging or turning away, and it appears politics is here to stay.

The cover has George Washington sitting cross-legged, meditating.

Jane Hirshfield suggests checking out this web-site, which offers the following words of Jaan Kaplinski and some of his amazing philosophy and poems.  


     I do not define myself. Defining a human being  - this is what the Inquisition did. Definition IS inquisition.  I have the feeling - perhaps I am not right - that in the Far East you hadn't to define yourself. You had to fulfill your duties, but in your heart you were free, what you had in your heart was free as light, as darkness, as wind that comes and goes. This is my freedom. The freedom of somebody who loves to observe and to photograph floating clouds and little fish swimming in our pond.

    Two years ago, in spring I met two cranes close to my country home. They had spring in their hearts, making movements of dance. I greeted them with a Buddhist bow. They didn't fly away. One of them answered to my greeting with a similar bow.I made some dance movements, swaying my hands as wings. They answered. I was really happy. I had the feeling that Nature had accepted me as one of its lost sons. When Kazuko Shiraishi called me once from Japan, telling me she was writing an essay on my poetry, I had a similar feeling. Is it Asia that has accepted me, answered to my bow?


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