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Impermanence -

Erik Hansen writes a tribute in Shambhala Sun a to his late Zen teacher, Dr. Edward Wortz, who instructed him in listening meditation.  "Sit still, relaxed and alert, and listen to whatever sounds appear in your environment.  Listen with "bare attention"; that is, without adding any thoughts, labels or judgments to the sounds.  Listen, in Ed's words, as "sounds come into existence, stay for varying lengths of time, and then vanish ... as does all experience."

Ah, yes, this we know, and, still, it is hard to absorb. 

The moon is wondrous tonight.  Take a gander.  It moves broadly across the sky.    Can you hear it?

Ed Wortz would also gong a wonderful iron meditation bowl, and instruct people to listen to the sound decay: "Now, listen!  Exactly where the sound was - listen to the no-sound."

I think of how we look for the green flash when the sun sets into the sea.   Do we listen, in the same way, for the place where the vibration is clasped, to a chest, too huge for us to perceive?

Charles Johnson writes about historical change.  He quotes Arnold J. Toynbee in A Study of History.

    "The painfully perturbing dissolution of familiar forms, which suggests to weaker spirits that the ultimate reality is nothing but a chaos, may reveal to a steadier and more spiritual vision the truth that the flickering film of the phenomenal world is an illusion which cannot obscure the eternal unity that lies behind it."

    "The music that the rhythm of Yin and Yang beats out is the song of creation; and we shall not be misled into fancying ourselves mistaken because, as we give ear, we can catch the note of creation alternating with the note of destruction .... If we listen well we shall perceive that, when the two notes collide, they produce not a discord but a harmony.  Creation would not be creative if it did not swallow up all things in itself, including its own opposite."

The Dalai Lama has this to say.   "Once people get to deeper levels, they ask, "What is the ultimate reality of nature?"  So I usually describe Buddhism as a combination of science, philosophy, and religion."       

    It works for me.    Happy enjoying of the moon tonight, the moon, the symbol of enlightenment.  

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