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advantages of a blog -

When I checked the cloud web-site, I read that if you have a blog and do a review of the cloud book on the web-site, you get a free copy of the book, so my free copy is on the way.  It  is quite the perk, since I would have bought the book anyway, and now, it comes, and I like to say what I think.   It is a win-win!

It is quite the day.  It is Jeff's birthday, and we are giving him a surprise birthday party at the Melting Pot in Larkspur.  I thought of not posting until after, but I think he is busy all day, and not reading blogs, so I am safe. 

Jamie Lee Curtis has a children's book out with Laura Cornell called Is There Really a Human Race?  

"Is there really a human race?    When did it start?   Who said, "Ready, Set, Go"?  I really must know."

                                  Me, too.

An article in the NY Times today is on female praying mantises who eat the male after they mate.    It makes genetic sense.  At the end of the affair, "all that is left of the male are his wings, and his genes."   

It doesn't work for humans, perhaps, but it is an evolutionary way to make sure that the children are properly nourished, and get a well-fed start in life, and the male's genes carry on.    News of this is quite the way to begin the day!!  

Joy and peace to all, this memorable day, September 5th.   A good friend's brother died on this day a year ago.  Prayers for her, and her family, as they are in pain and grieve his death.   And on this day also, is the celebration of the birth of a wondrous soul, Jeff.  


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