Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Morning thoughts -

As I go through my email, I realize how peaceful I feel.  I am peace, and, in that, there is no attachment to the peace.  It is what is for now.   This time of year always seems like the true new year to me.  I was born in October, and I think that each year I feel that mobilization of energy leading to emergence.  Also, the moon is amazing.  What softness in the sky last night.  Jeff's birthday party was wonderful, and he was surprised, even when he saw his own car out in front.  He loaned it to a friend who came from Australia for the wedding, and just seemed to think it was a coincidence Alex would be coming to the same restaurant we had chosen.  I am pretty proud we pulled it off.   Perhaps, that is part of my peacefulness.  Jane and I worked this morning with January 19th.  I was pretty miserable, and my body was curling in to protect.   I work now with the Pilates to straighten back out.   I am getting movement again in my toes, and use of all ten of them.   Soon, the sand will be gone.  I also feel I have emerged into the last stage of womanhood, through maiden and motherhood  to crone.  My Persephone myth is completing.   I am peace today.   

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