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In communicating with Elaine, who is Chinese and a therapist, we both come to see the yin and the yang,  in Chinese culture, and in our own.

I remember how Rilke embraced Russia.  He could not see the shadow of Russia until it erupted in revolution.

All of this is a marvelous learning, and a wonderful dissecting of how people feel and respond.  I am so impressed with the friends of Jan.  They show a level of maturity that I don't think I had because there was no real need for it.    I somehow grew up unaware of any true understanding of prejudice and its ramifications.  I took the diversity workshop in Rosen, and I learned a tremendous amount there, but this is more personal and harder somehow to bear, and yet, I am emptying myself out and preparing a space to understand.  There is room for all beliefs, and I don't need to judge, only be content with creating more spaciousness within.  

I sit with intention for that.  I build a cauldron for kindness and understanding to simmer and brew.

I look up the words bare and bear.    To "bear" is to withstand, to hold up, to give support, to birth.   Somehow I was wanting to type, "bare," which means naked and unconcealed.  Perhaps, both are true.  

A beautiful weekend to you.   My mood is lifting, and my stomach is settling.    All is well, for me, and for you, and the fog wraps, and licks the top of me, creating an ice cream cone  swirl.   Sunday, September 10th, is Grandparent's Day.   May I, one day, be one!    Certainly, the gifts Jan received yesterday at the bachelorette party should ensure the creating is fun!   I continue to learn all sorts of things.     Good Vibrations, Ho!     : )

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