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I know many of you are curious about the wedding, and that none of you were there, so I will try and post as energy returns.   We have now taken an afternoon nap, including the cats, which does not mean I am bursting with energy, but I am up and anxious to respond to emails this way rather than personally, in this moment, anyway.

 When I think of the cost of this, and equate it to enthusiasm, emotion, and pleasure, I see why we are all exhausted.   It is a tremendous amount to absorb, and it is well worth it. 

First, we were thrilled with all our choices.  I highly recommend where we stayed.   Here is the link.   http://www.cottageinnandspa.com/

It is owned by Fay and Robert, and Robert did much of the design of it.  We were enchanted.  Steve and I stayed in the East Suite, which is my favorite for a couple.  Two people can bathe with jacuzzi jets and watch the fire from the tub, or bed.  Unfortunately, we never had time for that.  We will return.   Chris was in the Courtyard Room, and Jeff and Jan spent one night in the Chapel Room, and two in the Vineyard Room.  That room you will see in the photos when they come.  It was filled with beautiful women in preparation for dressing themselves and the bride.  We walked to the Depot Hotel for the wedding which is family owned and friendly, efficient, and wonderful as can be.   The rehearsal dinner was at Deuce where the food was also delicious and we were treated royally.   Once I was in the town of Sonoma, I never got in a car.  We could walk everywhere.

Jeff and Jan gathered their friends.   We met Shirley, who married them, 25 years ago, when Jeff was in elementary school.   She is a beautiful woman, and the ceremony brought tears to all.  Their vows were lovely, and I would love a copy.   15 years ago, in high school,  Jeff and Jan made a native America wedding pitcher together.  It has two spouts.  They drank from it for the first time at the wedding.  

Their friends are from all over.  One group is from University High School in the city and is called the lizards.   Maren, a lizard, and professional singer, sang the songs for the wedding.   Jeff Kihn, also, a lizard, and professional in the music world, was their DJ.    Everyone is gentle and beautiful and all were thrilled as could be about this wedding.    Everyone wanted it, except for two people.   Ah, you ask.

They arrived at the end of the rehearsal to try to talk Jan out of the wedding.  They did come to the rehearsal dinner and were seated with people they enjoyed. 

Morning was busy with photography and people, and where we stayed was perfect for all the activity.   When I saw Jan in her dress and make-up and hair, I cried.  She looked so beautiful.   Her parents did come to the wedding, but, they did not participate as fully as we might have hoped, and they were there, and that is enough.  We thank them for coming, and we all enjoyed her brother, who did participate fully and even got the phone number of a lovely, young woman.  We have high hopes there.    : ) 

I do see that the concerns of Jan's parents helped unite us to even more appreciate the love that Jan and Jeff share, and I think we expanded outward to contain the two who were concerned..  Overall,  this was, perhaps, beneficial for us all, though, also, at times, quite painful.

Jeff and Jan will soon be here, as tomorrow they leave for two weeks in Hawaii.   Hooray!!    We are as thrilled as we can be.  I have a daughter now, and she is beautiful, within and without.  So many people told me how much she loves me.  I love her too.  I know her parents will come around.  They have come around.  They were there, and I appreciate that.  I really do.   Perhaps, I never felt so much love, and maybe that is the blessing of this.   Somehow they stood there, as an example of how things used to be, of tradition, and we were there, as to how things can be, and are now.  

I certainly feel Romeo and Juliet live and thrive. 

All is thrown,  like a wedding bouquet, into the arms of love.

May we all live well, on the floating petals of peace.  

Jan walked down an aisle spread with rose petals.  It was beautiful.   Actually, we did, too, and we were first, and we did not disturb the petals at all.   All is ease.

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