Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Jane, this morning!!

I am so touched and stroked by this poem of Jane's.
It seems like a communion wafer we all can dissolve in, and share.

I am taking a vow

to witness the earth turning toward light
and turning away
each day
like dragging a back skate to slow the glide across
childhood¹s frozen river
a way to catch the breath and hold it.

Today, not quite solstice,
as the last of autumn¹s leaves answer the wind
with rattled throats
the sunrise has no color
and stirs reluctantly beneath
its gray felt cover.
It slowly realizes the
melted yellow of
butter in a bowl of winter oats.

My surprise today is the love I taste
for shadow.
I don¹t wish to hurry toward the light
no longing draws me in spite of cold.
The blue and purple, gray-brown sift
nestles against the lea side of the house
my leg the mulberry
quiet, not asking
it offers deep forgiveness.

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