Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Lazy afternoon -

Steve and I went to the Mill Valley Arts Festival, and didn't see anything that appealed.  I see how simple my tastes have become.   Most of it seems overdone to my sensibilities at this point.   We came home, and I napped with the kitties.   I notice I do nap more with my little kitten friends.   They close their eyes and mine go right with them.  I seem to keep recovering strength.   Each outing needs a little inning.

At the models' orientation today, one woman shared that her cancer meant she could be home with her young children instead of at work.   She cried as she spoke of what it meant to her to be home at three when her children came home from school.   She said it was worth being sick.   Her tears are with me today, as I try and consider how it can come to be that men and women have meaning and fulfillment in their work, and the time with their children they desire.

One thing I noticed today at the Art Festival is how beautiful the setting.   The sun was streaming through the redwood trees.  Usually, we go early, and the lighting is different than it is in the afternoon.  Today, I felt how each of us is art.   Steve and I ate a snack in the old railroad car, and right behind us sat a friend I haven't seen in years.  She recognized me, and we shared a lovely journey into the past under the redwood trees.

Each time I go to this festival, I am entranced with the setting.   Last time we went, we sat by the stream and watched the children playing with the water and rocks.   We each individually and all together,  are art!    Fulfill your palette,  with your dreams.  

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