Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I was awake during the night, feeling my cells rearrange, my energy patterns.    This fashion show experience seems like a big deal to me.   Rosie, one of the producers, is open and blatantly honest, about her huge ego, and her need for and love of praise.   Everyone loves her.  She is very relaxed in that.   I am observing her. 

I believe that I have lived a bit in the "Meek shall inherit the earth" attitude, and preferred invisibility, and I certainly struggled with praise, so this whole cancer experience has been quite something, as I was praised constantly, even for getting out of bed and brushing my teeth.  I have learned to receive praise, and what does that mean for me now?  I feel myself shifting.  My insides are turning inside out.  I feel like a mobius strip, and I walk, sniff, and smell, both sides,  that movement that is one.  

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