Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

There is the most luxurious feeling of fall in the air.   The sun is out, and there is that crispness, like the edges of a fallen leaf, that I just love.

The kittens are a delight and enchanted with all the boxes from Jeff and Jan's gifts.  It is fun to watch them hop in and out, and "hide."

On the subject of "backing up" our computer work, I am with the term this morning, as I realize it really is a chance to go back in and reconfirm what is here.  I avoid it, sometimes, like the taxes, and yet, yesterday finally going in to tackle the taxes, I had a chance to review 2005.   The year is there in the cancelled checks.   This is the first year we have waited so long, and yet, I seemed unable to face it.  With all this going on, I have been pretty negligant about the organization of my files, but it actually took very little time to get everything in order, and find what I needed, and it turned out I had been more efficient than I realized.

Jane is worried she will forget much of what is on the computer, but my sense is that what matters will float delightedly to the surface, and she can reconstruct what matters to her.   Certainly the violation of a theft is something to handle.   Our house has been broken into a few times, and, though nothing of value was taken, the sense of invasion was tough to get over.  Our home is our sanctuary, as is our computer.  It feels so odd to know that I cannot email Jane at home right now, and she is very sancrosanct, and rightly so, about the use of her computer at work.   Some of her writing on Saturday was on the subject of violence.   It is to consider how each of us handles the violence that comes our way without becoming so angry and bitter that we are debilitated. 

May we all back up our files and life in every way.   I realize now it may mean re-connecting with a friend.   Do that, too, and take a moment, or two, to re-visit your past, and back up to see where you've been.

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