Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

The day is exquisite, and I am feeling motivated to tackle corners, and make more space for the kitties to have their own places to play.  I am setting up more cuddly spaces for them, and hiding places.   They love their tower of boxes, and I see how they like to hide, and tuck and meditate like little monks.  

I went to the Shoreline Cafe for breakfast, and again, enjoyed the wonderful waitress there, Alice,  who is 73.   She just had her heart tested, and said how fun it was to run on the treadmill, and then, watch her heart pumping on the sonogram.  I thought of how differently we each meet what happens.  The doctors were amazed at her curiosity.  I remember how terrified my mother was of that test at a younger age, and the doctors finally decided she was too weak to take it.  There is no judgment here, only noticing, since I don't always greet the tests of doctors with the greatest joy.   Alice has the blood pressure of a 20 year old.   She is a waitress because she likes to be out and about.  She had another career and seems to have plenty of money, and she certainly has a great deal of bounce as she moves easily  from one well-known customer to another.   She is cheery with much to share, and much to receive.  I don't buy a newspaper when I go there.  I get the news from her.  I also realize she is a wonderful spiritual teacher.  I don't have to travel very far to learn, and observe.

Great joy, exuberance and lowered blood pressure to you today!

Perhaps, I will also comment on the theft of Jane's computer.  Elaine pointed out it is like the violence of our experience with our surgeries, and then, for me, the radiation and chemo.  .  Whack!  Like that!   And we have been looking for a focal point around which to wrap this book to completion.    So we are viewing the theft of the computer as the "entry point" for something strong, as Jane puts it.  It is certainly providing focus and motivation, and a need to fight back by making sure we are not stopped.   We may have had a momentary pause, which we needed, and now we will come back twice as strong.

I just noticed that where I usually check Update when I post, it now says "Update Captain's Log."   Pretty funny!   They keep trying to make it easier and more entertaining.  I am entertained.   : )

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