Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

Jane and I are both feeling a bit frazzled this morning as to the book.   We need a huge block of time, and the morning snatches are not now enough.  I am struggling to connect with my lovely still point that was so softly expanding.   The fashion show is a bombardment for me, and I am trying, this morning, to come back to the writing space, the place of prayer.  What Jane and I have come to see is that with the poetry, and the time and space we gave ourselves for it, we were touching the place of presence, meditation, prayer, and now, we need to use another part of our minds to gather it together and analyze it and we miss our morning place of peace.  

Our sense now is that courage is also that place of presence, so perhaps we need the courage to give ourselves again that luxurious place of presence where time expands.   Perhaps this week I am feeling a bit grabby around time.  It seems there isn't enough of it, and yet, I know if I could let go and relax, there would be more than enough.   I am perhaps more tightly wound this week, and yet, one huge change I am delighted to notice is that  I don't seem to get upset.  There is a lot of mumbling and grumbling at the rehearsals, and I notice it all, and I am aware of what is going on, and all the different egos and personalities, and I am not affected.  I am there, and I am observing.  I am a place of peace.   That feels good to me, and, as I write this, I realize I can feel that place of peace now.  I speak, and it is here.   I speak it into existence.   Ah, "In the beginning was the word."   I just need to give myself a wee bit of time, instead of hammering myself with all there is to do.   I am peace.   Ahhhhhh!

One thing Jane and I hope to get across is that poetry is life, and it is not removed from life.   Poetry has a bad rap, because of how we were taught it in school, and, yes, there is poetry that is written for other poets, and that is great, but we would love to open each of you to reaching for that poetry churning and chewing within. 

I was reading George Leonard's book, The Silent Pulse, last night.   It says on the front it is revised and updated for the 21st Century.  One thing that concerns me is that he gives no references for his statistics.  I read this last night, and stumbled.  It is on page 43.   "Our solar system takes nearly ten billion seconds (240 million years) to make one circuit of the Milky Way galaxy."  Somehow that didn't sound right to me that ten billion seconds could equal 240 million years.   I thought, "Wow, the national budget is even more out of control than I thought."   Well, if Steve and I do the math right, ten billion seconds is just over 317 years.  I don't think our solar system is circling the Milky Way that fast.   240 million years is more that 7.5 quadrillion seconds.   (7,500,000,000,000,000). Maybe we are doing something wrong with our math, but I don't understand his statistic, and I wonder why there is no reference for it, and no reference anywhere in the book.    My concern is this.  The "New Age" is often dismissed.  My understanding is that George Leonard, along with Mike Murphy, was a biggie,  in the bringing in of this new age.  Facts need to be used correctly, so the important stuff doesn't float like veils in the wind.

I look up George Leonard on Wikipedia.   He is an amazing man, so I suppose it is just a minor slip and irrelevant or Steve and I are the ones misinterpreting.   Anyway, may your brains be clear today, and the connections free to roam and re-connect in whole new ways.


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