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Good Morning!!

I see I am in the SF Chronicle again today with my letter on torture.   Sometimes I get ideas here, and, then, ship them off to the Letters to the Editor, so here I am again with the power of Aesop's Fables.  I remember hearing this story as a child, and responding then, and it seems even more appropriate now.

Here I am in the Chronicle today.    They chose the heading.  

Aesop's way is better

Editor -- When I read defense of torture as a path to information, I am reminded of the Aesop fable, from the sixth century B.C., where the wind and the Sun are disputing who is stronger. They decide that the one who can get the man traveling below to take off his cloak is the strongest. The Sun hides behind a cloud and the wind blows and blows. The traveler wraps his cloak more tightly around him. The Sun beams and the man takes off his cloak.

Might we not consider the power of the beaming rays of kindness?


Mill Valley

I am feeling well, adjusting to a faster life pace, and handling it.  I am very interested in,  in and out, and witnessing myself in my life, while also being present in it.  I am also able now to go in and look at last November-December without pain.  I see how important life in the moment is, presence.

I learned today at my local news place, the Shoreline Cafe, that Chevron is not renewing the lease on our local Chevron.   The well-loved, honest, and inexpensive mechanic, who has worked there since high school, and who is now in his 50's wanted to buy it, when the long-time owner died, but Chevron said no.  I find it curious.  The gas station is the last gas before Point Reyes, about 35 miles away, but it doesn't have a million pumps and a convenience store.   Is Chevron selling gas, or junk food?   Certainly it seems they are not interested in service, and a local business that offered dog biscuits each day to my neighbor's dog.  I wonder what will go in there now.  It is all fenced off.   Ah, fences.   Chevron probably invests in those, too.  Let's keep everyone and every animal in their place, and drill, drill, drill.   Now, I will need to drive further to get my gas.  I consider that.   Perhaps that is another side of it.  Each of us may need to drive another mile or so for gas.  It all adds up to increase Chevron's profits.   Who cares about convenience or customers when money, money, money is the drilling, pumping force?


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