Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Fashion show - and crossings -

I could hardly sleep last night I was so excited about the fashion show.  I am now fitted in beautiful, pink, flowing, lounging pajamas.   Somehow, I was convinced I really needed to purchase these, too.   It is good to support the stores we are told, and this is a teeny-tiny one with lovely clothes.  I am introduced to a new world in this, a world of gorgeous, and sometimes, luxurious clothes, well-priced above the sale items I usually prefer to buy.   Also, with these flowing trousers, I tried to envison the kittens and their love of anything that moves.   Even so, I am enthused to have these snazzy lounging pajamas, after Saturday night.   I am happy to be entertainment for my soft, sweet, furry friends.   I think that is also why I am having trouble sleeping.  They curl up together between my legs, and I feel such love for them, that sometimes I can't sleep because I just want to pet them, and listen to them purr, and feel how beautiful this earth.

There is an energy to this fashion show,  a momentum, that I am starting to feel.  I think I was so worn out after the weekend that I couldn't imagine mustering excitement for the event, but they are sending us photos of all the rehearsals each day, and I see how fun it is going to be.  My understanding now is that the audience pretty much stands, cheers, and yells through the whole show.  It seems there will be a bit of support.   They keep telling us how much the audience loves us.  Of course.   I must admit I, too, am feeling great admiration for the women with whom I share this show.  We are learning more about each other, and it is a festive experience, grounded on a common sharing of pain.   It reminds me of the wedding in that way.   The gravity lifts the air.    

As I am going back through my blog of last year, I see myself waiting to be well enough after the surgery to begin the chemo.  That took a bit over six weeks.   Elaine had her surgery in that time period.  Today, she comments on how quickly we bonded without having ever seen each other.  It was all through email, but we both felt we were in the same boat.  She says the Titanic was sinking.  I am grateful she and I climbed into the same lifeboat, and made it to shore.

The glaciers are melting.   How odd it all seems.   A friend of mine has moved near a park in which I used to spend a great deal of meditation and observation time, observation both within and without.  I wonder if time is synchronous, with all the beautiful crossings of me with you, and all of us.    Ah, I feel the most lovely melt today.   Perhaps, global warming is the result of the increased warmth and love in our hearts, and we learn more and more deeply about connection and support.   In the past, I would have died, but now, I am here, uplifted on your love.   I had forgotten that my white blood cell count was so low after the first chemo, that they weren't sure I could have my second one on time, but your prayers and visualizations came through, and I did start on time, and now, I am done.  Hooray!!

Great love and thanks to all of you.  It is a beautiful world we share!!

Perhaps you can tell I haven't yet read the newspaper today.   Should I skip it, or plunge in?    Hmmmm!!     Smile!   Smile!    Let's jump, skip, walk, run,  and Celebrate!!

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