Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

Jane and I have changed our way of working in the morning, and she is shortening her hours at work.   Stress, be gone!

When we began writing together, we meditated and wrote.  We took at hour in the morning.   Then, as I began feeling better, and life sped up, we shortened our time to 20 to 30 minutes and we rushed through it, with left brain eliminating a great deal of what we had written.  Today, we luxuriated with fifteen minutes of mediation, and then, we worked with Jane's poem on Cirque du Soleil, a precious poem that had fallen by the way-side,  like angels,  when we don't pay attention.

So, we are both planning a more expanded beginning to our day, which will allow expansion throughout the day.  One reason I seemed to have so much time during chemo was my attitude.  I relaxed into what was.  I am cultivating that now, today, and, working to calm my schedule, knowing I am more productive this way.

One thing I noticed in meditation this morning is my left-brain expanding.  I have not been feeling capable of very enduring left brain thought, so today, it was like a ghost rising, and all attention was there.  The right was resting, watching, and the left, was rising like a fluffed pillow, or a cloud, though the shape was of a ghost, Casper the Friendly Ghost.  I think, when I pause, the left brain has a chance to come back to life.  I need more meditation time, so I set intention for that.  

I suggest we all stretch time today, like warm taffy, and relax.   Let us take note of what we need.   Celebrate the cauldron of joy within.

Also, I want to comment on the theft of Jane's computer, and the violation that is.   I wonder if someone who steals realizes how much they take.  It is so much more than the object.  It is peace of mind, and in this case, it was Jane's most private and beautiful writing of seven years, and, as a result, she is giving herself more space.    She is turning pain to grace.  Hooray for Jane and each of us,  today and everyday!

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