Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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Gifts -

I just finished a session with Carole, my "general movement practitioner."    My body had become so twisted with all the shock and treatment, that I am working with her to again straighten out, and use my whole body, left and right, and to move, in balance, and response,  from center.  Carole said my session today was a gift for the fashion show.  I am so touched!

Years ago, I was in massage training.   I came to my final "test, which was to give the instructor a massage.   The day had been unimaginably horrifying.   Gail, the instructor, looked at me, listened, and put me on the table and gave me a massage of the most unbelievable love.   She did not want to be paid.  I felt uncomfortable with the gift.   She told me to go home and think about it, and if I had to, I could send her a check.  I knew somehow it was wrong, and yet,  I couldn't help it, and I mailed her the check.  I knew she gave it to me as a gift, and, in some way, with the check, I was not fully receiving the love that went into the gift.   I did request that she use the money for something wonderfully fun, and not just toss it into her account for bills.

This question of money still challenges me, but today, I was able to graciously receive, and that is one of the gifts of all this, along with all the gifts.

Happy receiving today!    Know that receiving another's offering, their gift, is a gift.   Honor and circulate.    Receive, and Give!

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