Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I am aware this morning of the old saying that a romantic sees the sailing ship on the horizon floating easily there, and the realist sees the work of sailing a boat.

Last night, I was in the behind the scenes work of a production like this.  I see that people will float in tonight, and it will be beautiful and serene.  A huge Buddha greets them, and fantastic flower arrangements and fans.  The lighting is muted, and the tablecloths black.  Tiny white lights float over head.   It is magical, and then, there is behind the scenes, where we run literally, then, stand huddled, quietly, and then, enter, perform, retreat gracefully, and then, run as fast as we can and change and run back.    Delightful husbands take our hands as we go up and down the stairs, and our way is lighted by another husband with a flashlight.  The orchestration and care is amazing, and, for me, it is, at times, a bit overwhelming, and I am using today like an Asian fan, as I sit on my lotus leaf in the softness of ease.

Jane and I will work today.  That is my relaxation.   Chris is here, and Steve, Chris, and Jill and I will head up to the Civic Center around 4, and the festivities will begin.   Jill is a fellow model.  It will be fun.   I came home so exhausted last night, it was hard to feel the fun of it, but this morning I am refreshed.    I have make-up at 5:15 and hair at 5:45, and a buffet meal is served somewhere in there, and we perform at 7:45.   Good wishes on that.   : ))   Again, I know it will be fun, and fast, and perhaps, the anticipation, like Christmas, is a huge piece.  All my doctors will be there.   I feel this night is my graduation.   From now on, I am as before, only wiser, I hope, and kinder, and more generous, to others and myself.  

Great love and care to all!

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