Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Evening -

    It has been quite the day.   I drove over to Berkeley, and hit incredible traffic, despite all my maneuverings to avoid it, but, then, I sat down to breakfast in Bette's Diner, with its imaginary ocean view, and soon, I was part of a wonderful conversation with the waiter and my neighbors on either side about enlightenment, and coffee and caffeine, and India, and Jesus and Buddha.  Then, a little boy came in, who was entranced with the passing trains and the policeman in his uniform.   He wanted to know if the policemen knew Clifford, the big red dog.  It was a delightful way to begin the entrance to the Rosen movement training, which I would like to speak about, and, yet, on this, I struggle with words.  It was wonderful, and I was so exhausted, that I did not meet Chris, but came right home, and slept. 

    I do want to speak about the Rosen experience, though, because it is so spiritual to drop into the body, and I wish each one of you could be there.  Those of us who are participating all feel it as the greatest gift.  We are giving ourselves time to enter our bodies and feel what is there, within and without.   It is so reverent to do so, and I think my fatigue was partly the wonder of feeling the beauty of my being and the depth of my heart.   When I let myself feel,  my heart is a flower, shimmering in that perfect, clear spot, where  the petals, stamens, and pistils meet.  It is a tremendous amount to absorb.   Theresa and Karen are setting a lovely pace for us and I truly felt I was in a congregation while celebrating the temple of myself.

    Today, we learned about the marvel that is our shoulder blade.  We explored the shoulder blades and collar bone of another and our own.   See if you can feel your own shoulder blades, how they move, and how they glide on your spine.   Feel how your spine reaches up as high as your ears.   Feel your sacrum.  Lie on the floor and make snow angels with one arm, then, the other, and both.   I wish you all could be there with us, but explore, at home.  If you have someone there, trace their shoulder blade with your hands.   See how it comes to the front.   Put your hand in the center of your chest, and move your arm.  Your arm begins there.   When you reach out and touch another, you truly reach from the heart.   Celebrate your core tonight, and light your being with your hands like the sun does the moon.   Celebrate yourself, like Walt Whitman.   Hop in and out of rings of joy.

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