Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Thunder and Lightning today!

I am reminded today that I keep stressing the value of each of us going out into nature, but I want to mention the value, also,  of going into our own nature. We, too, are nature.

We can stroll in our own blood-stream, waltz over and through the ground of our muscles, and bounce on the woods of our bones.

Sit, and taste the pink marrow inside.

I offer two poems that come to me today.

what bones the night

the wreath,
the open eye
of silence
for the movement
of the bow
and the moans of pine cones
as they offer their spores
to moor
the ground
in its rise


Only the moment,
deep count of the pulse,  a purse,
the shifting of coins.  


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