Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

What a day!

    We rose early this morning and headed out highway 1 on the motorcycle.   We saw the sun crest the horizon over and over again as we wound up and down the hills.  The fog was coming in over the ocean, and the moon beckoned the sun to rise as it set.   The smells were amazing, and the ride otherworldly, or perhaps of this, world, and sometimes, I forget.  I was reminded of the wonderful movie, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring, in the enchantment of the light.   The rocks stood out, differentiated, and reached with every crook for sight and fondled air.

    We breakfasted at the Parkside in Stinson Beach, and then, rode past the Bolinas Lagoon, which was absolutely still this morning, and up the Bolinas Ridge Trail, through the redwoods and fairy places, where George Lucas filmed the homes of the Ewoks, land of the Miwok.   We emerged into grassland and sunlight, and paralleled the Bolinas Lagoon and Stinson Beach, this time on high.  We stopped where I had come with Steve in 1974.  I was pregnant with Jeff, and lay on the spring grass, feeling birthing there, would bring no pain.  Now, the fall grasses presented me with a seat in the rocks that was perfect.  I leaned back in the warmth, and breathed in the breeze and smells..  I notice the birds more than usual during Fleet Week, feeling we can't compete, and yet, as I watched a plane overhead, I thought of how amazing we are, and how amazing were the people who saved this land for us.  We saw only a few bicyclists and a park ranger, but then, coming back down, every available space that could hold a car, held one.   The day had begun, and the cars were nose to tail and heading out toward what seemed only ours and a few choice others, just a short time before. 

    I was only that far up the mountain once this year, and that with Karena.    May I now enter once again into all that surrounds me, and appreciate all that is here, and saved, and work to save more.     Preserve!


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