Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Columbus Day!

It seems Columbus Day has been moved to create a three day weekend so we can have our annual display of jets streaking overhead.  I find myself with a little poem this morning, and I am feeling calm and peaceful, though I do wonder that the celebration of this day still exists.   A friend suggests we change it to A Discovery of Ourselves Day.  I like that very much, so set intention for that today.

I am heading down to Terry's place for a late solstice celebration.   I look out and the sun is striking the redwood that is now two sturdy trunks.  My day is a strong, sturdy trunk.  I reach and align.

I am grateful and happy for life.   I just realized that last year my surgery was on October 12, the original Columbus Day, I believe.  Perhaps, I began the discovery of myself last year and didn't even know.   Here is my poem of the moment.  

    Columbus Day or the Demise of Indigenous People Day


    the birds are with me this morning

    the moon still bright in the sky


    some see their own pride streak

    as the Blue Angels pound with military might

    the Bay area light with vibrating flight -


    I see training yes, and metal refined,

    and gathering of a group and use of tools,

    and, I, too, like that “we” perform,


    and I don’t find comfort in an annual rite,

    that puffs up and out the chest,

    removes from feeling the beat of the heart

    that leans in and out to ensure

    each person in the tribe is cared for,

    and fed.

A joyful day to each of you - happy exploring, probing, and setting a precedent of gentleness with new lands!


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