Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Thoughts -

    Yesterday, I spoke with a woman whose daughter is 38 years old, and is having a double mastectomy.  I have said how many young women were in the fashion show.  I am sitting today with trying to understand what is going on.  It seems so sad.

    Amidst that, I am with the movement class of yesterday, and with the words, "Breathing, you massage the heart."   I'm not sure we think of it that way, but when the diaphragm is freely swinging, the heart is bathed in a wondrously rich swell.   I am visualizing my heart bathing in oceans of love, peace, and ease.

    We also worked yesterday with breathing a sound through our feet, top of the head, ground, and all around.    Experiment with making sounds and feeling where they resound in you and in your environment.  How does it feel to say your own name out loud, either alone, or with others?    Touch yourself and another with sound.  What sound does each body part want to make?    Explore space with sound.  I find myself wanting to think of my fingers as notes, and to touch things and say,  Do, or Re, or Mi, or Fa, or So, La, Te, Do.

    Yesterday, I also noticed that I was hearing and responding to the downbeat.   Perhaps, another day, the upbeat will be what speaks to me. 

    Feel your bones as muscle hangers, and play, play, play!!

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