Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Reflection -

    Because someone is coming in to kitten sit while we are in Hawaii, I am thinking it is time to clean off my desk, and so, I am reviewing and savoring all the treasures there.  One treasure is a birthday card from my mother from two years ago, four months before she died.   Another treasure is a group of writings from a good friend.   And there is my Jane Austen Action Figure doll, and there are other sacred things, but these catch my eye today. 

    I open a book by John Daido Loori - The Zen of Creativity - Cultivating Your Artistic Life.    He says to make love with light. 

       "Make love with light.  Create a visual or word image of the feeling of love you have for some person, place, or thing.  This means expressing the feeling itself, not simply a subject that you love."
       "The point of this practice is to use light in such a way that it expresses your experience of love."    He goes on with his words, but his idea is to use light to communicate the feeling of love.  Hmmmm!    Keep practicing, he says.   It is a koan.

    Ryokan -

                  Who calls my poems poetry?
                            My poems are not poetry.
                     Knowing they are not poetry,

                Let's start by talking together about poetry.

Perhaps that is the point of the experimenting with communicating on love.    Hmmmmmm!      Yum!

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