Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Evening -

    I just enjoyed a wonderful dinner out with a lovely friend.   Such a treat!!

    We were discussing Shambhala Sun.   I learn there that in 1953,  Congress decided to substitute E Pluribus Unum, which means Out of Many, One, with One Nation Under God.   That is a difference which may be leading to some of our current problems.

    I am re-evaluating the movie The Journals of Knud Rasmussen.   I think the ending was so shocking with the tribe looking like robots repeating words they were told from the Bible, that I walked out feeling sad, and, perhaps appalled.   It is tough to understand sometimes all that goes on, on this planet, and it is time to begin to do so, and step back, even as we stay involved.   I still think Milarepa is the movie to see, and yet, the Journals allow one to be inside an igloo, and a tribe, and that is something I've always wanted to exoerience.   We made snow forts when I was a child, but never an igloo.  It is amazing what we can create.

    Good night, and good rest and good sleep!!


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