Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Oh, My!

It is so unimaginably beautiful here I cannot begin to tell you.   The home is perched over the water, and this couch with its two footstools has windows from floor to celing on three sides and above, so it is like I am floating in my own captain's starship of beauty.   The hills with their trees are reflected in the water and all is perfectly still.  There is me, and one gull flew by.  I am so stroked by this place I cannot tell you.   I took the small room and I am so cozy in it, and it has bookshelves on the wall, and is lined with wood, and I feel I am a hobbit living in a spacious tree.   I am delight.

You may wonder if Jane and I are stretching this book out so we can continue our junkets, but actually it keeps changing, evolving.  When we began, I felt there would be two books,  one  book of our poems and reflections, and one where I went into more detail of the journey.   This week we decided it will be one book, so we are going back through everything, including the blog, and, as I have said, this is not always an easy process for either one of us.  My dreams last night were of climbing through glittering landscapes with points and geodes, and figuring out how to navigate.  I think we are looking to open the geodes and see how much of the facets and light to bring forth.

I wish you all could be here.  I hope every one of you gets to experience the Poet's Loft just once in your lifetime.  Elaine recommended it, and she and her husband spent their anniversary here, and will come again this year with their children.  What a treat!!. 

A small bird just flew by below - long wings like a swallow.   Oh, there is another one in the sky.   This is so exciting.  It is more light now, and I can see out the opening to the ocean.  A huge piece of driftwood sits on the dock next door.   We have a dock, also, so if you have a boat, drop by.   We are the house somewhat alone and furthest out in the bay.

The birds are waking   The day begins, and the land, water, and reflections differentiate.   Oh, wow.   Two ducks just flew by low over the water.   "Always in a hurry for a duck,"  Mrs. T. continues to say.   I am not a duck, for today.

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