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Heaven -

I must continue to share. I feel like I am Jodie Foster in the movie Contact reporting back on the most incredible happenings. While I was reading Elaine's words - I can receive email here, but not send, at least from my regular account, anyway, while reading her words on seagulls and Jonathon Livingston Seagull, and his proclamation for "no limits," a pelican plops down right in front of me, and circles, and then, lifts again. Two more pelicans come, and then, I look out in the bay, and there is plopping going on. Water is shooting up as birds plunge for food. I tell you I am so excited at all of this. It is just amazing. Now, a sleek tern flies proudly by. I say sleek, and yet, I think that tern's tummy is bursting. It looks proud and full. I am full on all these antics. I realize now the trimaran must have slipped across for morning coffee, because it is back in its spot. How funny. I still haven't gotten the coffee pot going. I am too excited to step away from my couch, footstool, and view. I tell you. I love this place.

I was sad to read though that the Giacomini family sold their cows to Merced. I have often thought I would like to come back as a Point Reyes dairy cow, but not if I am going to be sold to Merced. It is "the end of an era" according to the Point Reyes Light. The local historian, Dewey Livingston, says this, "Like them or not, dairy ranches have provided the major economic activity in West Marin since the 1860's, and continue to provide some of the best food products in the world. Since the decline in the number of dairy ranches began in the 1970's, the loss of even one is just another blow to the traditional local food producers."

Change means I can communicate with you, like this, from Point Reyes. It also means some very sad cows, since it would be hard to leave this area for another. I truly think this place where two continental plates glide is something special indeed!

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